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A Weekend in Whistler

November 11, 2015

Growing up, at the end of the winter season, my mom would take my sister away to the mountains in Alberta for a little getaway. She would always treat us to a stay at a Fairmont hotel, and this has lead me to become obsessed with Fairmont as an adult. The service and feel of the chain is just beyond, and super consistent, as well.

Cornucopia Fairmont 8

We stayed at Fairmont Chateau Whistler this weekend in Whistler for Cornucopia, and we had some much needed rest, relaxation, and reconnection with each other. We enjoyed a gorgeous brunch (with bubbles!) at the Wildflower restaurant.

Cornucopia Fairmont 6Cornucopia Fairmont 7

It was such a low-impact three days away – their concierge, shuttle, and amazing staff really make you feel pampered. And seriously, I didn’t know how much I needed it! I turned off my email, and really relaxed. OK, well, except for Snapchat… I was pretty much spamming the whole time (I’m erincsousa if you’d like to find me!).

Cornucopia Fairmont

I even started a new tradition of a hotel spa visit for a massage – I think this will be a new must for me on holiday!

Cornucopia… wow. I posted about my excitement to attend, and I was blown away. We loved learning about Portuguese wines (my fave was the ‘vino vert or green wine’ which is unripened grapes; very crisp!), hopping around finding new wine and restaurants to love… it was just good for the soul, pure and simple.

Cornucopia Fairmont 5Cornucopia Fairmont 2

I hope you’ll experience it one day for yourself (and it’s also happening this weekend as well, so there is still time if you’re into the last minute thing!).

Cornucopia Fairmont 3

Here’s to getaways an hour or two from home that really give you a breath of fresh air!

Cornucopia Fairmont 4