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Best in Beauty: The 8 Products I Tried and LOVED This Month

June 28, 2016

As an editor (here, and at Glitter Guide), I’m often testing beauty products of all sorts, and they don’t all make the cut for my routine or to share with you. I’ve tried a ton of new products this month, and as a self-professed beauty junkie, it’s not a tough job for me!

Erin Beauty Picks3

These are the eight products I’ve loved this month (plus, one bonus product I just had to include!). You might notice a bit of a trend in my picks this month—they are mostly all about getting the brightest and most glowing skin ever. Here is my best in beauty:

  1. The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder, Beam Team Hydrate + Glow: As a beauty line, I’m loving how innovative The Estée Edit is. This duo product, in particular, is focused on giving skin a radiant and glowing appearance. Unscrew the top for a luminous moisturizer, and flip the top for a gleaming highlighter.
  2. Eve Lom, Cleanser: This cleanser is iconic, but I only tried it this month! I love the texture of this oil-based balm. The oil melts off my makeup and keeps my skin feeling supple and smooth.
  3. Essie, Gel Setter: While I prefer a professional gel manicure, there’s not always time to hop into my favorite nail salon, so this Essie gel-like top coat is the next best thing. It’s so thick, so it gives my nails a plush look.
  4. Sachajuan Ocean Mist: I’ll use this stuff on my second-day hair to give it a lived-in look, playing into the fact that it’s already a little greasy. Putting it up in a messy bun is the best look when I use it because my hair is thick and coarse!
  5. ILIA Karma Chameleone: This color is fantastic and it’s slightly transparent, which I love during the summer. I’ll sometimes run a gloss over the top, but even on its own, I love how moisturizing and bright this crayon is. Plus, you know how much I love natural beauty, and this is 100-percent natural!
  6. Henné Luxury Organic Lip Balm: I don’t go a day (or even a few hours) without applying this balm. It’s completely organic (I mean, you do eat the stuff!) and the texture isn’t sticky at all. I love to use it before bed, and in combo with the Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator when I have the extra time!
  7. Artis Eyeshadow Brush: At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of this brush, and there was a learning curve on how to even hold it. Turns out, it’s held an awful lot like a toothbrush! I love how this buffs shadow onto my lid, and it’s super soft and gentle.
  8. Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil: One word: Yes! I’m such a face oil, vitamin C and rose fan, so this oil is one of my new faves. A few drops before bed gives me super supple skin, and the aroma is really calming, too.

Erin Beauty Picks

(This post originally appeared on Glitter Guide)