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My Fall Fashion Staples

August 30, 2018

Oh, fall. I love you SO hard. Welcome back, you cozy minx, you. I thought it would be fun to share my fall faves with you! Notoriously, I’m really about those timeless basics, and rarely stray. These are literally the things I wear non-stop come fall, along with a few new things I’ve picked up recently like the woven flats, the peplum and mules. You don’t see any bags because I don’t have my eye on any this year!

fall fashion staples

1 + 5. light and dark chambray  | 2. boyfriend jeans | 3. power jean | 4. mules | 6. white button down | 7. slip on runners | 8. loafers | 9. cardigan | 10. woven flats  | 11. peplum (in both white and black)