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Life Lately: Personal Promises + What I Actually Do

February 10, 2022

Sitting down to write today’s catch up note, and it’s exactly what I need today! Today has been go go go, with client meeting/shoot, errands, a lot of client projects on the go… I have no idea how parents work full time and get dinner on the table. You have to be HIGHLY organized. I’ve been continuing on prioritizing my health like I promised myself. That’s a big thing for me right now: keeping my promises to myself. How many times have I told myself I would do something to take care of myself, and didn’t? OFTEN. It’s something I’m working on. So I got in some walks and workouts, made some healthy dinners… it has felt good to change things up and work towards new habits!

I opened up a Q&A on Instagram for work-related questions, and someone said that they didn’t know what I did, so I thought it would be fun to share a few projects I worked on this week for clients and then for my personal Influencer stuff:

Client Reels (film and edit)
Client content shoot for social
Business/marketing coaching meeting
Client marketing strategy meeting x 2
Client influencer management meeting
Client social posting
Client social content creation
Client graphic design
Client re-branding meeting
Client Valentine’s Day giveaways (set up copy and film stop motion)
Client site visit for an upcoming shoot
Course planning
Contract review for a personal brand partnership (that I turned down)
Reviewed proposal from a brand who wants to work with me
Film TikTok’s

I never know how much work stuff to share but it’s a huge part of my life, so I think I’m going to dig into that with you a little more. It can be challenging because for obvious reasons, so much client stuff is confidential. But I will try!

A few current faves:

Gwyneth Paltrow shared a tour of her home, and I think we ALL want her home spa!

Went for amazing vegetarian Vietnamese food – don’t sleep on the Sweet + Spicy Bowl

My new hoops look like little croissants and I love them! These are my other fave hoops, which are a bit more simple

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