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My Approach to Fashion

January 8, 2016

Decisions, decisions… I get a little fatigued making them all day long. This is why I’ve begun to adopt a more simplified lifestyle. I’ve always believed that as women, we have better things to do than worry about what we wear, how we look, and turning that attention to what we do, and how we feel, is really important. Often I get questions about why I don’t fashion blog more… my response is always the same: no one needs to see the same outfit all the time!

uniform 3

The most successful people have a certain uniform they adhere to, always wearing iterations of it. They become known for their “look”, and I’ve unknowingly started that myself. It was all born from my love of classic pieces, which moved into investing in key pieces, and then paring down to a certain “look”, which right now, is all about neutrals and certain key pieces like a pair of blue jeans, a pair of white, white Converse, loafers, riding boots, blanket jackets, cozy knits, investment bags, leather watches and simple and statement earrings, and my Stella McCartney glasses (which are very Insta famous at this point! I can’t find a link for the colour, but linked the style). I buy things that I can pair with many other things in my closet, and only invest in pieces I love.


I’m not saying that this will always be my uniform, but right now, it’s classic and on-trend at the same time, which works for me. I feel amazing in each of these pieces, and I think that’s the sign of a great look that’s really YOU.

I also wanted to share a little self-love inspiration that just gave me a big AH-HA moment (bringing it back, Oprah!). Catherine and her mindful advice has REALLY resonated with me. If you can’t attend one of her urban retreats or local/virtual coaching sessions, please check out her latest post all about self love, and how we can all live a more empowered being. I found it really helpful to set my mind right, and hearing how she practices her rituals  gave me new ideas that a routine doesn’t have to mean boring. She is a beaming light, and full of wonderfully game changing advice.