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My New Skin Miracle

April 7, 2016

As a “blogger”, I often receive skin care samples, and I choose those I’m most intrigued with to try out. I look for skincare that is active, meaning those with ingredients that can really impact my skin. Ingredients like acids for exfoliation (glycolic, lactic, alpha hydroxy, salicylic) and vitamins A (Retin A, retinol), C (boosts collagen and helps with clarity/pigmentation) and E (antioxidant care).

I was recently invited to The Ten Spot here in Vancouver (it’s the place I trust with my mani’s and pedi’s!) for the launch of Miracle 10 Skin Care, a line created by a plastic surgeon, made in Canada, and I was impressed by the key ingredients, and targeted approach of their products. I usually like to stick with as natural as possible when it comes to anything I put on my skin, but also balance that with active products more on the cosmeceutical side for their benefits. It takes me a LOT to commit to a new routine, and having tried the products for the past 3 weeks, I can say I’m in love. All skin care companies make claims, but theirs are backed with science (see above – their products have all of those major skincare players!). I’ve been using it exclusively, along with Vintner’s Daughter as my evening oil (and if you follow me on Snapchat,I’m erincsousa, you know that I also use it on days I’m not wearing makeup! Such a treat).

miracle 10

My current night routine

I use the Miracle 10 Cleanser II for the 1% glycolic evening and night, followed by the Solution I for toning, with its glycolic at 3%. My skin is acne prone and oily, so I love the exfoliation and blemish fighting help there! Now, this is when it gets SUPER active: every other night, I use the AHA Gel with 8% glycolic AND salicylic acid, and then I mix in a little scoop of the pure Vitamin C powder  – this stuff is POWERFUL at helping the collagen and tone of my skin. I have some old pigment scars that I’m really working at getting rid of, and I see them fading already! That’s my evening routine 50% of the time – the other 50% I replace the AHA Gel and Vitamin C with Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum… this stuff is liquid gold. It’s an investment in the skin, and truly worth it.

vintner's daughter

I’ve been so thrilled with my skin, and I think I’ll keep it up!

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