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I’m Here For The Pie

October 4, 2016

Kidding. Ok, kinda! Happy Thanksgiving! I had all the plans to cook for my hubs and close fam this year, but we were invited out, so I just bought a pumpkin pie (my grandma would be so disappointed – she used to make the best pie crust, couldn’t be beat, even to this day! She even wrote a poem, she was a hobby poet, about my mom’s love for pumpkin pie… ok, I digress as I’m feeling even guiltier after writing that), and decked it out with fresh whipped cream. Like, is that canned stuff even an OPTION (says the girl who bought her pie from Costco). Anyway, I bought it on Monday, and we’re eating it all week. Like, breaking it out of the fridge at 8pm and 8am. It’s a lot of pie, and we can’t let it waste, amiright?

best pumpkin pie

Back to Thanksgiving dinner… I will be baking a Pumpkin Spice Cake that I’ve been making since 2012 (here’s the recipe, but please ignore the pics, it was 2012!)

thanksgiving pieI’m so thankful for so much in my life, and I wouldn’t know where to start. I’m at such an amazing point in my life, and every day I feel grateful. It’s not a perfect life, but as I heard once, and it’s always stuck with me “give me enough lows to know what the high really feels like”.

Happy Thanksgiving! x