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Sprinkly Champagne Cocktail

December 29, 2016

I’m always looking for a new cocktail idea – one that is yummy, and fun, but doesn’t require 100 ingredients + bitters. I came up with this new year’s eve champagne cocktail for Glitter Guide that makes for a pretty epic photo opp, and you only need three ingredients, one of those being sprinkles, which only means good things. Since NYE is behind us, this one is perfect for a girls night in, or any party, really!

Here’s the full Glitter Guide piece, happy sipping!

Champagne Sparkle. 3


The holidays are here and you’re toasting to a festive season, and planning for New Year’s Eve! This Champagne Sparkle is a fun and whimsical spin on a classic glass of champagne – adding a fun sprinkle rim, we love these multi-colored confetti variety, brings the party to your glass in just three ingredients! The rock candy stick will dissolve as you sip, and is the perfect topper to add a little hint of sweetness to your bubbly.


Confetti sprinkles
Rock candy
Honey for the rim

  • Start by rimming your glass with sprinkles. Run a honey dipped fingertip around the rim to get it sticky enough to hold the sprinkles on

Champagne Sparkle. 5

  • Dip the sticky rim into a plate of sprinkles, turning the glass to coat
  • Pour the champagne into your coup, being careful to not pour over the rim
  • Add rock candy stick right before serving

Champagne Sparkle