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Your Skin Care Guide

May 11, 2018

It’s seriously time for a long overdue skin care post. A skin care guide, if you will. Skin care is a something that is incredibly overwhelming, and for good reason. There are thousands of products on the market that every company wants you to think you NEED. I won’t go on too much of a rant, but basically, brands play on insecurities that society has created to sell you stuff. It can really become so cumbersome that you end up with a million expensive products that aren’t doing anything. The most often overlooked part of the routine is definitely exfoliation – it’s the best way to keep skin looking glowy and to clear up acne or bumps, and it’s something I do every single day via acids and scrubs (beeee gentle! I’ll suggest the best ones, below). You also might notice gaps in the products I recommend… what about eye cream, masks, eye patches, lip masks… elbow cream (ha!)? IMO, you don’t need all the extras, even though the commercials say you do.

I personally am a HUGE believer in great skin – the more natural I can go with my makeup the better, and I think healthy skin is the best base for any look! Let’s also keep in mind that skincare products are just one part of the equation. Lasers, injectables (botox, filler) etc. treat specific concerns, and I have nothing against these when used sparingly. They can definitely refresh the face! Diet, stress, sleep are also huge contributing factors.

skin care guide

Expectations have to be managed when it comes to getting “perfect” skin. I also cannot stress enough that you absolutely should not compare yourself to people you see on Instagram. So many use filters, and editing to make their skin look flawless. It’s literally the same as magazines at this point, so don’t ever expect that you will look like an airbrushed version of someones skin.

So, I’ll get to specific products in a sec, but let’s chat about which categories everyone should be using regardless of age (ok, like 25 and up let’s say), followed by treatments that make a difference, a routine, and like I said, finally, products.

Items to include in your routine

Exfoliator (acid + manual) – a good acid toner is a game changer, and an manual scrub is important a few times a week
Vitamin C – brightens, addresses tone, boosts collagen. Huge post I wrote about quality and what to look for here.
Retinol – treats texture, exfoliates. Start with only once a week, building from there. Look for .25+ in strength (NOTE: this is a very active product that can cause redness and peeling if you use too often or if you use too much product. Only use a tiny amount)
Serum and/or Oil – adds vitamins, nourishment and moisture (oil)
Moisture – something like Hyaluronic acid for clean moisture and/or a thicker cream. I get moisture form Oil + Hyaluronic.
Sunscreen – I use the sunscreen built into my tinted moisturizer, so it’s on EVERY day and I’m militant with hubs, too.

Treatments that make a noticeable difference

Microneedling – Click on that to learn alll about it. I’m a huuuge fan of this to treat acne texture scars. It creates tiny injuries in the skin and collagen is boosted to repair these “holes” Sounds scary, but trust me, it works! I go to Glow Therapy or The Vanity Lab once every 6 weeks since I’m trying to remove these scars.

IPL – Meaning Intense Pulsed Light, it helps to address broken capillaries, tone, hyper pigmentation – great for sun damage. Can also be done on chest and hands! Cannot be used on hormonal hyper pigmentation, so be sure to get in for a consult first. I suggest The Vanity Lab.

Botox – I’ve had this about 4-5 times and I notice a HUGE difference in how my face looks. More relaxed, eyebrows are higher, and everything is softened. Haven’t done it in a long time since I’m trying to conceive. I usually go to The Vanity Lab.

Fillers – When done with a light hand, the difference can be remarkable. The tear troughs can be filled to take away hollows and dark circles, which is groundbreaking! I suggest finding a doctor who has plenty of before and after photos to show you because it’s an art.

Face shaving/Dermaplaning – hear me out! I’m a huge believer in taking off that peach fuzz all over the face which also removes dead skin! I do this weekly, and it keeps my skin exfoliated and fresh. Check out my Beauty Insta story highlight on Insta for a how to shave your face! These are the razors I swear by (don’t worry, they’re pink)



Exfoliate (manual in shower, 3x week)
Vitamin C
Hyaluronic Acid or other moisture
SPF (your moisturizer may include this already which is always easier)


Cleanse (if you have a Clarisonic, yay! Defo does a better job than just with hands)
Acid exfoliating toner
Retinol (note: please do not use both the acid toner and retinol if you have sensitive skin or if you’re just starting out)
Oil or Serum
Moisture (if needed. I don’t use a “moisturizer”, I let the oil to it’s thing)

My fave products (not lots of options because I don’t have a lot of faves!)


Zo Skin Health


Acid: Biologique Recherche P50, Glossier Solution, Pixi Glow Tonic, Drunk Elephant Babyfacial, The Ordinary Lactic Acid

Manual: ZO Skin Health Polish, Lancer Polish


The Ordinary


The Ordinary 0.5


Vintner’s Daughter, Dara’s Oil (sensitive skin), The Ordinary Buffet


The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid, One Love Organics Moisture Balm


Glossier, Coola

That’s it for now! I hope you’re excited to take your skin to the next level!

Want more? Check out my guide to acids, vitamin c cheat sheet, guide to needling (at home AND in clinic), how to double cleanse your face