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The Best Newborn Must Haves

August 10, 2020

Lola has been with us for a month and we’re starting to get into the rhythm of being new parents and a few things have made it a lot easier for us. I thought it might be fun to share some of the items we have loved and probably couldn’t live without. When I was preparing, I really did try to keep it as minimal as possible, and some of the things we use the most, are things I didn’t expect. I wouldn’t call these essentials (you know, like diapers, bottles, car seat etc. which I can share in another post once I have my honest recommendations based on how I’m liking each), but this is list of newborn must haves that makes our lives a little easier around here! Little luxuries can make all the difference. Each of these would make a great baby shower gift, too. 

1. Snuggle Me Organic: We love this little cozy pillow that acts as a dock for Lola. The pillow hugs her to make her feel secure and it stays in her bassinet for naps all day long. The cover is super soft and easily removable for washing. We love it so much that it travels with us to the grandparents so she can nap comfortably at their house. Note: you’re not supposed to leave baby in this sleeping unattended and we are always around when she’s sleeping in this. She’s never in it overnight.

2. Owlet Smart Sock: The Owlet Sock has been a huge game changer for us! I would wake up all night long to check if Lola was breathing (hi, first time mom here!) and this sock monitors her heart rate and oxygen levels all night, alerting you if there is an issue. The app tracks her sleep and gives you a report in the morning which I also love to see. Wearables can be controversial, so do your research and make your own decision for your baby (gifted from the brand – I originally bought this, but the brand reached out after and gifted it to me)

3. Wipe Warmer: A wipe warmer was always one of those things I rolled my eyes at thinking it was just a little too “extra” but I so. Get. It. Now (yes, that applies to many things with motherhood!). Lola hates a cold wipe on her bum and will cry so this keeps her bum nice and pampered and her mood nice and calm.

4. SwaddleMe Swaddles: We love these swaddles for Lola’s night time sleep. The Velcro makes them pretty foolproof and the structure makes them safe for sleep because they don’t ride up to baby’s face like some blanket swaddles can do (and therefore weren’t recommended for overnight sleep by our pediatrician). They also give her room in the hips (better for their bone/joint development) while making sure her arms are nice and snug. She sleeps really well in these!

5. + 6. Bassinet with rocker: A Moses basket (bassinet) and rocking stand is the biggest essential for us. She sleeps in it in our room (you can get a little mattress for it too), and naps in it in the living room all day long. The rocking function is essential as it helps her get to sleep and stay asleep when o hear her stirring.

7. Vava Nightlight: A nightlight is one of those things I didn’t know we would need until we got it and I love this one because it’s wireless and touch operated making it super easy to move around the house and use. We use it for late night feeds and to set the mood for her bedtime routine keeping things nice and calm and soothing.

8. Bibs Pacifiers: I was kind of split on the whole pacifier thing (it’s a habit we will eventually need to break), but I figured it would be a good thing to soothe her as needed. At about three weeks old she started taking to it and it helps her get to sleep and stay happy in her car seat (oh, there have been some meltdowns during car rides!) – we have a few brands, and the Bibs ones are her absolute fave. Who knew there would be a preference?!

9. Babymoov Bottle Sterilizer: A bottle sanitizer was an essential for us so we didn’t have to boil water and do it manually, plus this one also dries. We use it multiple times a day for her bottles, my pump and pacifiers. We wash the items before putting them in here.

10. Miku Breathing and Movement Monitor: We haven’t used this yet but I know we will LOVE it and I’ve played around the app to get familiar with it! The Miku baby monitor is a video monitor that also monitors movement to make sure baby is breathing. It plays music, and provides two-way sound so you can speak to baby and hear what they are up to. Peace. Of. Mind. (gifted from the brand)