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complexion booster: vitamin c benefits

May 25, 2015

it’s no secret that i’m all about natural skin care. i think it’s a big myth that natural means ineffective or ‘hippy’. i’ve most often had much better results using natural masks (this one is my absolute fave), oils (this, this and this are my jam), and serums. think about it… our body can much better use something it can absorb and synthesize. in terms of a serum, i’m BIG on recommending vitamin C and wrote a huge article on the benefits, here… it’s been pinned hundreds of times, and it is one of the top five read posts on this site, so clearly, there’s a big interest in getting to know this power vitamin.

the new one love organics vitamin c brightening facial serum is a beautiful combination of active vitamin c (ester-c) and nourishing oils to pull double duty for a luminous result. i adore it and do believe that every woman should have an iteration of vitamin c in their regimen – this is the one i would recommend.

still confused? read my whole breakdown on the vitamin in this post and leave any questions in the comments!