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Best Snaps of the Week

June 30, 2016

I’m so into Snapchat, and I love how interactive the platform is. Not only do I get to communicate in a different way, showcasing my life and personality in a how shall I say, more unfiltered way, but I love the feedback I get from you. I get private snaps from people who watch my snap story all the time, which I love reading and responding to! A fun way to see what you guys are interested in is to see what you’re screencaping during my snap stories. I thought it would be fun to share my top two screencapped snaps from the week here on my blog, so this will be the first installment of this new series!

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The first one is the steamer you see above! This little guy came into my life because I was looking for a super easy way to get the creases out of my clothes without cluttering up our place with an iron and an ironing board! Pure laziness was also involved. This thing is a powerhouse! It’s tiny, easy to use, portable, and simple to store. You guys loved it because it received a lot of screencaps when I shared it on Snap last week! Bonus… it’s only $30 on a huge sale. You can get it, here.

face exfoliation

These are somewhat polarizing. I decided to shave my face. Yup, you heard me right! It’s actually not that strange at all. Think about it: waxing is so, so hard on your skin. I was starting to notice some hyper pigmentation on my upper lip and brows, and hey, it’s also a huge hassle and expense to get that stuff sorted every like, week. Word is that this is what Jen Aniston does to get that complexion glow. These little razors (thankfully they are pink and delicate so you can forget the fact that you’re acting like a dude) remove the peach fuzz from your entire face, yes, including the cheeks, jaw, plus, they remove the dead skin. Brilliant! The biggest question I get is “does it make the hair grow back thicker”, which dumbfounds me. Shaving doesn’t affect the behaviour of the root, so no, it doesn’t cause coarser hair. This little gem is a new staple and must have, and I received so many messages on snap asking for details.

The Tinkle (don’t mind the name) is a great option and it works well, but I had better luck with this Shiseido one pictured above. They are both really cheap, so order a few packs, and share with your friends, because they are going to be all up in your business with these – I’ve handed mine out like free wine to my friends. This goes without saying, but it’s super sharp, so work carefully. I move in small sections and hold the razor at a 45 degree angle, juuuust the way you see guys work with a straight razor (gulp).

Thanks for snapping with me! xo