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Creating a Cozy Bedroom

December 6, 2016

It’s seriously stay in bed all day weather. As you might now if you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, I’m seriously dedicated to making the perfect bedroom. Our home has been going through some renovations (new windows) which is a pretty big job, and our bedroom has been very chaotic lately (red: torn apart!), so I’m very much looking to when it looks like this again! I shared with Glitter Guide my steps for creating a cozy bedroom, so read on, below!

It’s sweater weather, and no matter the day of the week, I’d rather be curled up in bed—all day long! Clearly, that’s not practical, so to make the most of it when I’m lounging in my favorite room in my home, I like it to feel super cozy. It’s my sanctuary, my work-free zone and the place I recharge. Come fall, I replace my cooling fan with layers of pillows, cozy knit blankets and burning candles! Here are five ways to create your own ultimate cozy bedroom. All bedding and bed from Rothman & Co.

cozy bedroom 2

  1. Throws: Nothing creates a cozy feel like knit throws. Layering these babies on the foot of the bed for Netflix marathons or magazine reading is the perfect addition to your bedroom.
  2. Slippers: Keeping a distinctive pair of slippers (mine are Zara Home) in your bedroom for lounging is the ultimate way to make sure your bedroom feels super special.
  3. Candles: Scent is so personal, and it can also trigger memories and emotions. Choosing a candle that you only burn in your bedroom will help calm you because you’ll associate the scent with relaxation.
  4. Pillows: Cushy layers of pillows make a bedroom feel luxe. I love adding texture with quilted or patterned shams, and in my opinion, the more pillows the better!
  5. Netflix: A movie marathon in bed is pretty much the most luxurious way to spend a weekend day or an evening, so firing up the laptop and lounging around in bed (wrapped in your sumptuous knit throw with a glowing candle, of course) is the best way to recharge!

cozy bedroom 1