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My Holiday Wishlist

December 8, 2016

There are SO many gift guides floating around the internet this time of year, and I don’t think you really need another one do you? OK, so just one more… mine! This is pretty much a wishlist, and I’m not promising that anything is terribly affordable, but they are all items I’ve been coveting, some for years (hello, Le Creuset!).

While receiving gifts actually makes me uncomfortable, I love love love buying gifts for people! There’s just something about getting something that you really, really want for Christmas, isn’t there? In our fam, instead of splashing out on gifts, we spend our budget on flights back to see my family over the holidays. Just so everyone had something to open Christmas morning, I decided that we would do a secret Santa this year! Between me, my husband, mom, sister, brother in law, and niece, we will have so much fun swapping gifts on Christmas morning. Our budget is $100, so I think that means that I’ll, be treating myself to a little something from my wishlist this year.

  1. Belkin Lightening Audio + Charge Rockstar: I put off getting the iPhone 7 because of its lack of headphone jack – it’s a serious design flaw that forces you to choose between charging your phone, and listing to music (especially in the car). It’s just as annoying as I thought it would be. This little gadget is so needed to simply make my driving time a little more functional, and enjoyable; I need it ASAP.
  2. Cuyana Leather Travel Set: There are few things I dislike more than grungy and messy travel bags. They make the whole travel experience feel more disorganized than it needs to. I want to update my travel set with these beauties that will make my makeup and toiletries feel special and orderly.
  3. Hermes Cashmere Avalon Blanket: A definite luxury item, I would love this timeless blanket draped over our couch. It would probably never actually get used, but it sure would look luxurious!
  4. Cuyana Leather Laptop Sleeve: I’ve been on the waitlist for the 13″ blush pouch for months, and it would be the perfect little sleeve to help me avoid throwing it into my tote like I do now. Since I’m going in between my home and Gastown office, this is something I definitely could use.
  5. Le Creuset Round French Oven: This beauty has been on my list for years! I’ve coveted it from a far, and in 2017 I think this baby will finally be mine and it will certainly be well used. I’ve seen these at places like Homesense, but was given the tip that unless it’s made in France, it’s not the real deal, so make sure you check!
  6. Apple iPad Air 2: My sweet mom gifted me an iPad three years ago (it was so adorable – we were out shopping, and I said I wanted one, so she insisted she buy it for me right then and there), and it’s time to replace it. I use my iPad primarily for reading books and magazines, so it’s definitely something I don’t need, but it could use an update for sure!