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My Office Tour

April 7, 2017

My new office space is quite a momentous occasion for me. Funny enough, I actually started renting an office last June and only recently got it up and running! It’s a shared space in a Gastown studio and it really met my needs – it has a lot of light, a great price point, and space for me to shoot client photos.

Originally, my little space in the shared office was along another wall in the open area, but I always had my eye on this little nook. It was just what I needed – a tucked away corner with great light, a big desk, and a lot of possibility! When the ‘landlords’ of the space decided to move on, I actually had the opportunity to take over the entire space to rent out as I pleased, but the timing wasn’t right, and I passed on it. A PR company came in to takeover the space, and offered me the prime spot (my cozy little nook), so I jumped, and decor plans started… 5 months after renting out the space!

Erin Sousa Instagram8

So… now, for the before and after… are you ready?


Office before


Erin Sousa Instagram10

The thing about an office space is that while it’s nice to have, for my solopreneur business, it wasn’t all that necessary. I’ve worked from home since I started Sparkle Media (almost 4 years ago!), and having seen many businesses become crippled by a large lease payment every month, I decided to wait until the right fit presented itself. I chatted on Glitter Guide about how I decided to take the plunge.

sparkle media office

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I love decor and design, but when I set out to design my space, I was SO overwhelmed. What was my style? How could I make the space functional AND pretty? Would it be worthy of an Instagram shot (ha, seriously, though!!!). My very first design choice was the Urbanwalls decals – this is NOT wallpaper! They are removable decals that are applied in a tight knit pattern. They are a huge statement, and if I tire of them, I just feel them off and dream up something else! So, this was a bold choice, therefore, I stuck to white, gold, blush, and textures for the rest of my space. Another plus: the walls weren’t in great shape, so these decals help mask that a little bit!

Erin Sousa Instagram6

Erin Sousa Instagram7

I pulled out the white paint, and spent a few weekends with my paint brush and some Janet Jackson tunes. The desk is makeshift and came with the space, so I decided to paint the raw wood and go with it. I love how it turned out – there is so much space to use for shooting!

Erin Sousa Instagram4Erin Sousa Instagram9

There was a definite need for shelving, and Coastal Edge Collective and Alicia Sebel Design created these custom white shelves with custom sprayed brackets, and even installed them so perfectly for me!

Photography by Kristy at Blush Wedding Photography | Decals | Lamp | Accessories | Camera StrapJuju hat wall adornment | Rug | Art | Flowers | Moodboard

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