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How to Double Cleanse Your Face

March 5, 2019

I shared my new double cleansing routine on Instagram and you guys were so into learning more… so, I figured a blog post was in order! Going wayyyy back to my earliest memories, my mom was a total skin care trailblazer. She always had a 4 step routine (she used and still uses Metrin), which included a double cleanse with a creamy cleanser to start, followed by a gentle frothy cleanser.Maybe she was the OG Influencer and didn’t know it, amiright?! As a kid, I would steal her washes and feel so fancy doing it… then in my teenaged years, I would roll my eyes and wonder why she had to be so extra.

Now, I get it.

I even look forward to this little pamper sesh in my bathroom each night.

Why double cleanse? Oh let me count the ways and then I’ll share how to double cleanse your face.

First, it removes makeup, dirt and debris in a much more thorough way. Your first cleanser allows your second cleanser to work better to unclog your pores once you have all your makeup removed with your first cleanse. If you’re doing it right (I’m going to help!), it also provides you with a gentle facial massage to stimulate blood flow and circulation… this is good, because that blood flow slows down aging and works on skin tone and texture. It also helps to unclog pores because again, oil dissolves oil and oil is part of what is blocking your pores. My bumps have reduced significantly and my glow has really improved. A double cleanse is good for any skin type and yes, even oily! You may find that using this method actually helps to regulate oil production since oil complexions often overproduce oil because they are actually dehydrated and attempting to over compensate for it.

I only do my double cleanse at night and if I wear makeup or SPF. In the morning, I do a quick refresh with my second cleanser in the shower, and that’s it.

So let’s get to it, shall we?! Here’s how to double cleanse your face!

First Cleanse:

I prefer a balm cleanser (these are like a creamy oil texture, a buttery blend of oils) and the right one should melt off your makeup and rinse clean, without leaving a thick, oily residue on the skin. For this reason, my absolute favourite is Eve Lom, but I’ve admittedly not tried a lot of them.

Start with a dry face and damp hands. Use less than you think you need (a scant dime sized amount is a great place to start) and massage the balm into the skin, over the eyes, brows, lips. There are several facial massages you can youtube if you really want to lean into it. I like to apply a tiny bit of water after a minute and continue to emulsify the balm onto my skin… this feels SO good. Don’t forget your jawline. Now, you can either go ahead and start rinsing now, or grab your warm, wet muslin cloth (it’s like a thin washcloth) and remove the cleanser. Finish off with a splash of water.

how to double clease your face 1

Second Cleanse:

I prefer a gentle foaming cleanser to really feel like my skin is clean (it should never feel tight after) and I use ZO Skin or Fresh Soy Cleanser. Wash as normal all over the face, jaw and neck and rinse off with warm water. There’s not much more to it! Like anything that pays off, consistency is key, so keep at it, and one thing I never, ever do is sleep in my makeup, no excuses. That means YOU 😉

Awhile back, I shared more on my skin care faves, so hop over there and find some things to amp up your skin care routine.

Happy cleansing!