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The Benefits of Gratitude

January 3, 2019

Gratitude. It’s kind of a buzz word these days, isn’t it? I started keeping a gratitude journal mid-2018 and the practice helped me see the good in things. Because when you choose to focus on what you have rather than what you don’t, you can’t help but feel more content.

When I’m content, I have more to give to others, I’m more creative and better at my job, I’m more compassionate and most of all, I feel most like myself.

Thanks to social media, the comparison game is strong, and we can often feel like we need to acquire more, do more, be more. Tiring, right?! I won’t lie, it happens to the best of us, including me. This is another benefit of a gratitude practice… it allows you to reflect on what you do have and it need not be complicated. Some weeks are downright rough (oh trust me, plenty of those over here) and even if you can only muster up the most basic of things to find joy in, that’s totally ok. For instance:


fresh air
talking to my mom

Even if you’re sure you can’t find any silver linings, sitting down at the end of the week, checking in with yourself and focusing on those little slivers of good will help your mindset shift.

Gratitude can get us through the most challenging situations, and while it doesn’t fix our problems, what it does do is lay the groundwork for a healthy mindset, and that emotional agility is an essential part of getting through a tough slog.


SO, who’s with me?! Here’s how you can join in:

  • Save my template here, or head to Insta stories and screenshot it
  • Every Friday, fill it in and save it on your phone (you could even create a special Gratitude album in your photo album to refer back to!)
  • Share on your Insta stories (tag me because I would LOVE to see) with the #everygratefulweek hashtag
  • Repeat every Friday as your little way to honor your gratitude
  • Feeling those comparison feelings bubble up? Flip through the weekly templates you’ve saved and take a breath!

See you over on Insta and don’t forget to tag me so we can share #everygratefulweek! XO