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The Best Binge Worthy YouTube Channels

January 3, 2020

So many print publications are using resources to create fun and engaging video content, and I’m here for it. They produce such rich content thanks to their access to celebs, pros, and pretty stellar set ups. I feel like the content I’m seeing on these channels kind of takes a lot of the clout from cable… the evolution of media is happening before our eyes. P.S: Food Network, if you’re reading this, which I’m sure you are, please take note from Bon Appetit’s YouTube and provide some quality, innovative programming. 24/7 of competition shows is sooo dull.

One of my fave parts of the day is getting into bed (hence the photo above, juuuust picture it, ha) and watching a few YouTube videos on my phone to decompress. I used to scroll Insta from bed, but trust me, this is soooo much more relaxing, plus, I feel like I learn a little something, too. I thought it would be fun to share my faves with you!

Architectural Digest: home tours on AD are my fave!
MUST SEE: AD Open Door Jessica Alba

Bon Appetit: I binge this channel any chance I get! Love the Gourmet Makes with Claire and the group challenges (Test Kitchen Talks) – I actually get so inspired with ideas on meals and how to cook techniques.
MUST SEE: Pro Chefs Make Their Fave Sandwiches (because I’m all about that sandwich life right now)

Harper’s BAZAAR: I love seeing night time routine’s and their Go to Bed With Me series is one I don’t miss.
MUST SEE: Ashley Graham

Vogue: 73 Questions is a forever fave… I wish they would do them more often.
MUST SEE: SJP 73 Questions

NYT Cooking: Alison Roman. Enough said. Adore her, her humility, and she’s just fun to watch.
MUST SEE: Easy Ragù

Allure: their Work It series shows real working women’s day in the life, from a Ballerina to a Flight Attendant, and it’s so fun to see how dedicated they are.
MUST SEE: A Rockette’s Routine

That should be enough to get you started and of course, I need to hear yours! Comment and fill me in so I can add to my personal list. Happy binging!