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Gift Guide: My Tech Picks

December 10, 2019

While I’m a person who prefers to give the gift than receive it, sometimes, it’s really nice to get exactly what you want! In partnership with TELUS, I’m sharing my last minute tech gift picks for pretty much anyone you’re stumped on buying for! I actually had no idea TELUS sold so many amazing tech items and I had fun browsing and picking the ones I want, and think you might like, too.

Nest Thermostat: We have an old thermostat and I’ve always wanted one of these smart hubs! I love the idea of controlling the heat from bed so we don’t have to wake up to a cold house, and can I just say that I love how it looks?

Wireless Charging Pad: I’ve always wanted a wireless charging pad just to keep things as easy as possible. Dropping my phone on the pad would also be a way for me to keep from using it while it charges, lessening my screen time.

Apple Air Pods: I have big love for my Air Pods! I thought it would be annoying to keep them charged, but the case charges them, keeping the pods topped up.

Tile: I feel like this is one of those most magical inventions ever. While I’m not one to lose my keys (knock on wood) I feel like we prob all need this and I know friends who SWEAR by it! Great price point, too.

Google Nest Hub: I’m late to the party on this one but I’m just gonna say it… I want one! My sis has one and uses it all the time to play music and I have to admit, it’s influenced me to get one for our home.

FUJIFILM Smartphone Photo Printer: Don’t we all need this one?! Printing photos isn’t something I do often, and although I’m pretty good about organizing them, I love the idea of being able to print off cute pics and even surprising someone with one in a card!

Sponsored by TELUS and all opinions are my own.