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Finding New Ways to Access Health Care

March 12, 2020

Something I value and never take for granted is our health care system in Canada. Especially going through a time where I’ve relied on that system more than average during our fertility journey… I’ve silently often taken a moment of gratitude that my health was so well cared for. I couldn’t imagine not having the health care I’ve really needed, and TELUS is making a huge difference in Canadian health care – another reason I love working with them.

Something I’ve not considered is the issue of accessibility for many Canadians and I’m in awe of TELUS who is making our health care options more accessible to everyone, including those in low income situations. Two of those services that blend the power of TELUS technology are things I want YOU to know about, too.

TELUS Mobile Health Clinics combine the power of state of the art technology with mobile clinics (they are like clinics on wheels!) providing medical care that helps 235,000 in-need Canadians annually. These are actual trucks equipped with the equipment and technology to service those in need right in their own communities. How’s that for making health care accessible for as many people as possible?

When you’re sick, there can be nothing worse than having to leave home to go to the doctor – whether it’s a walk in clinic to see a doctor right away… after a 3 hour waiting room stay, that is, or making an appointment with your family doctor that can take weeks to get into. Babylon by TELUS Health is one of my favourite things TELUS has ever done. This is a free smartphone app that allows you to have a consultation with a licensed doctor right on your phone and the platform also has a powerful AI symptom checker to assist in getting to the bottom of health concerns. Yup, this means no more endless Google searches! The app makes the convenience of seeing a doctor (yes, they can even write prescriptions!) in the comfort of your own home simplifies an often inconvenient process, especially for parents and those who are living in rural settings.

I love that I can confidently stand behind the team at TELUS and that their corporate dollars are being put back into our very own communities. Thank you to TELUS for partnering with me on this post, and as always, all thoughts are my own.