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How to Calculate Your Instagram Engagement Rate

February 6, 2020

I’ve absolutely loved seeing you use your Media Kit Templates! I’ve gotten so much great feedback and some really great questions. One of those questions is: how to calculate your Instagram engagement rate! Engagement rate is one of the MOST important metric that can tell a brand whether or not you’re a valuable marketer to them. Why? Because if someone engages with your content, they may be more likely to be influenced by it.

Instagram has a TON of amazing metric tools and insights to really arm yourself with the all the info you need… lots of important analytics that will serve both personal brands and businesses aiming to build their consumer brand.

The good news is that as a business profile or creator profile, Instagram makes it easy to access your states.

Have a look at yours by going into Insights > Content > Posts (tap SEE ALL) > from drop down choose ENGAGEMENT and change time period to last 30 days. The way engagement on each post is calculated is likes + comments + saves, so it’s an accurate representation of the important interactions on a photo. NOTE: The posts are shown in order of most engaged with to least so do choose a real sampling as opposed to only the TOP posts.

Here’s how to calculate your engagement:

Take your last 10 posts (omitting any giveaway posts because that will skew the results)

Calculate the average engagement between those posts by dividing the total by number of posts – so let’s say you added up 10 posts to 10,000 and divide that by 10 (since you totalled up 10 posts). The average engagement rate is 1000 per post. Then, divide that by your follower number and x 100 for the percentage. Fun fact: the industry average is 1% – 2%!

So let’s say: 1000 (average engagement rate)/40,000 (followers) x 100 = 2.5% engagement rate

The other amazing intel your engagement review can provide is which posts do really well – this shows you what resonates with your audience! It’s important to give this a critical look, especially if you’re looking to increase your brand awareness so you can create the content the best serves your audience!

There we have it, how to calculate your Instagram engagement rate. Make sure to pick up my fully customizable Media Kit Template to pitch like a pro!