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Understanding Your Instagram Insights for Brands and Influencers

May 6, 2021

Influencer or brand? You’ll want to read this.

Paying attention to key Instagram stats and understanding them is an important tool in assessing how your content is performing. These stats can help you decide how to bend and mould your content to bring value to your audience, creating momentum in the algorithm.

Not every piece of content will be a slam dunk, but noticing which posts perform well will serve your content strategy and, in the long term, grow your account. Think about what your niche is, and how you can create content they will find value in…

So, I’ve collected two types of content examples to explain what you’re looking at in your insights.

Post 1 example: an education carousel about how to calculate engagement.
Post 2: Canva designed screenshot of my Tweet that included a thought leadership quote written by me.

Each of these key metrics play into how Instagram places you in the algorithm and this is why creating content your audience finds valuable will serve you well.

Remember, getting engagement on your posts takes time and effort. I can’t say it enough: patience, persistence, consistency, and creativity combined with serving your audience what they look to you for (this is key, and make sure it’s in your niche!) – it will pay off!