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Fall Baby Clothes Haul

August 9, 2021

The biggest learning curve for me with a child has been the constant changes… just when you get used to something, it changes! This also applies to clothes – they grow out of everything in two seconds and I can never seen to keep up! I approach Lola’s wardrobe the same way I approach mine – streamlined. I love affordable, easy to wear sets and rompers for her with layering pieces as needed. When she’s at home, she lives in onesies but this is what I just ordered for her at H&M this weekend. I love that everything is easy to mix and match.

I also try to keep the buying to a minimum bc often when it comes to clothes, I rotate through the same things and she never wears all the clothes she has before I pass them down to my niece. So important to me that the clothes she wears have multiple life cycles. If you’re noticing things like a jacket missing, it’s because she already has something in her closet! This list defo isn’t exhaustive.

  1. Knit Cotton Jumpsuit in Dark Gray
  2. 2-piece Cotton Set in Light Pink/Dotted
  3. Ribbed Cotton Set in Dark Beige
  4. Knit Cotton Hat in Light Beige
  5. Textured-knit Cardigan in Powder Pink
  6. 10-pack Socks in Beige
  7. Snow Pants with Suspenders in Pink
  8. 2-piece Sweatshirt Set in Dark Beige/Dotted
  9. Linen-blend Romper in Light Beige
  10. Waffled Set in Beige
  11. Sneakers in Taupe