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Life Lately: Home Updates and Going Viral

January 13, 2022

We are much overdue for a catch up, yes?! I’ve been writing a weekly newsletter for close to a year that goes out every Friday and starting now, I’m going to alternate every Friday between a blog post and a newsletter! If you’re not signed up to my newsletter, you can do that right here!

My weekly newsletters are a weekly catch up and a mix of life content, my thoughts on certain topics, and fave things… so let’s do that right here. Next Friday, you’ll find this content in my newsletter (to be honest, the content will prob be a lot more personal there), so repeat after me: SIGN UP, because I’d love to have you.

Let’s gooooo:

Going viral on TikTok is something you hear about but when it happen to you, it’s ODD! The other night, Roberto was blowdrying Lola’s hair after a bath before bed (because of COURSE she can’t go to bed with wet hair… he’s extra!), and I had to take a vid. Posted it on TikTok and woke up to a viral moment, but not for what you’d think. Everyone thought he was JVN from Queer Eye! I’ve defo said this myself before, so while I wan’t surprised, I couldn’t belive the response about it!!! The internet just took it and ran with it, and 8.1M views later, and a comment from JVN, a Comments By Celebs Insta post, whoa! All of you were cheering us on and it was just so sweet! A little bit of fun for the week.

We’re working on some home improvements which includes new hardwood floors, and a few builtins to give us more storage space and a more refined look to our condo! Honestly, I know I’m not supposed to love living in a condo because we live in a culture that glorifies having more and bigger, but I do. The location is amazing, we love the city lifestyle, the space is all we need, the building has an outdoor pool… I’m all about less complication in life and a bigger home comes with a lot more headache. I love our place, and optimizing some things and refreshing the design (on the agenda: new lamps, side table, fresh paint, new area rug – if you’re curious, I ordered this one which is a huge departure for us, but I can’t wait to dip my toe into a new decor style… the price is so good, but shipping to Canada was $70. IMO, still worth it!) will feel so great. I’ve even teamed up with a professional organizer to help me with my laundry room and hall closet because I’m at a loss with them. Our property value went up huge in the last year (if you know anything about Vancouver real estate, it’s absolute madness), and while eventually we might look at moving into a bigger space in the future, we love our lifestyle right now. I mean, Roberto gets to and from work in 7 minutes, and same with Lola’s daycare. The simple life is for me and leaves space for contentment!

I ordered an Apple watch for Roberto and I which is going to be so great! My sis has one and after spending the holiday with her and doing some of the Apple Fitness workouts in their home gym, I can see how people love them! Totally a late adopter here, but I’m looking forward to not only that aspect, but for it to help me with work flows/communication. plus, for Roberto it’s great bc he’s often away from his phone at work and this buzzes him when I text, and he can easily respond with talk to text. You bet I’ll be using the walkie talkie feature to blow up his day.

As I mentioned, we spent the holidays with my sis and fam in Alberta – it was soooo chill and just what we all needed. I think we’ve all been feeling the uncertainty in the air (which I’m not going to go into right now, but I know you know), and we spent 10 days in a holiday bubble. Quite literally. There was a serious cold snap so we couldn’t take the kids out, and we didn’t want to go anywhere (because you know), so we spent the entire holiday inside, cooking yummy food, having naps, letting the kids bond (Lola has two cousins!) with nothing on the agenda… magical. I look forward to the downtime of the holidays every year. A reminder: take a break. The world will not fall apart. Things have been TOUGH and you need to take care of you!

A few of my fave things:

Grace recently did a 2021 financials report, and if you’re curious how bloggers/influencers make their money, this is such an interesting read! Bravo to Grace for putting it out there.

I have my eyes on this coat and I think I need to pull the trigger!

Bought and love these winter boots! I’m wearing them in the pic above.

I’m huge into podcasts and have a handful that I listen to regularly. Love this one because it gets you thinking and I feel that it’s important to listen to differing view points. Bari is bold and unapologetic – we need more of this. I can’t believe she had Kim K say yes to a full pod!