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Life Lately: On Having Another Baby + My Schedule

January 27, 2022

Popping into the blog to share some tidbits about things that have been on my mind. Think of it like having coffee with me! ICYMI, here is the last update and all about what you can expect from me every week in terms of check-ins, and I hope you are liking them!

I feel like a broken record, but Lola is at suuuuch a fun age right now. She seems to click things together even more these days and understands things that we say to her – like if I say cheeeese, she knows I’m taking her pic (as evidenced by this photo I snapped at brunch on Monday). It’s adorable! It was this week that I honestly and seriously questioned if we should have another baby! She’s getting to the age that it’s starting to feel a little “easier”, so that can make going back to the newborn stage seem a tad bit more enticing. I think it’s really important to know what your limits are, and while romanticizing the idea of two kids is fun, it’s just not something I would want for us and our lifestyle. We are one and done, but I’m not going to lie, the thought of creating another little one gives me butterflies sometimes!

I got my Apple Watch and have loved it so far! Oh, hang on, it’s telling me I have to stand. OK, back. I actually am enjoying the accountability with movement it’s been giving me, and it’s shifting my mindset about my movement. That can only be a good thing! I got into it thanks to my sister – over xmas break with them, we did an Apple Fitness workout and I loved it! Even if you don’t have an Apple Watch, it’s a great platform to get movement into your day in just 30 minutes. I don’t, and oftentimes can’t because of my random schedule, commit to a set workout time. The app allows me to just GET IT IN. I love that they are a quick 30 minutes of simply elevating my heart rate. No need to overthink it, just do it – that’s what I tell myself, and it’s working.

Speaking of a schedule, do you find it helpful to hear what a sample schedule is for other women? I love reading them, and it gives me ideas and perspective about my own, so here is a sample schedule for Lola’s daycare days and I’ll share non-daycare days in my newsletter next week!

Daycare Day

6:30am – I wake up, check my phone and shower/get dressed before Lola wakes up
6:45am-7am – I wake Lola up if she hasn’t woken up on her own
7am – Lola breakfast (usually loaded oatmeal and fruit)
7:20am – Get Lola dressed and do her hair
7:40am – Leave for daycare
8:05am – After daycare drop, I get a coffee (oh how I look forward to this)
8:10am – I usually check in on Insta stories with you and work in the car on anything urgent/timely
8:45am – Get home and start my 30 min Apple Fitness workout
9:30am – Drive Roberto to work
10am – Home and take my first meeting or jump into work
11am – Make bed and tidy up then sit at my laptop moving between projects all day
1pm – Make lunch
4:15pm Pick up Lola from daycare
5pm – 5:30pm – Home and dinner for Lola
5:30pm – Play and talk to family/I prep dinner
6:30pm – Roberto home and we catch up/bathe Lola/I finish prepping dinner
7pm – Start Lola bedtime routine and Roberto puts her down
7:30pm – Lola sleeping and I do a little bit of work
8:15pm – Start a show, eat dinner and ignore my husband
9:30pm – Start my bedtime routine, scroll the socials, research, alone time
11pm – Lights out for me, and Roberto stays up to watch a show I didn’t pick 😉

A few of my current faves:

I bought this new band for my Apple Watch and am loving the way it looks! If you order it, you can request extra links in the notes.

Lola doesn’t play with a lot of toys, but her caregiver gave me a hot tip that she loves playing with these Bristle Blocks at daycare! I couldn’t hot the order button fast enough lemme tell ya. I also bought those and this cute Reusable Sticker Pad for her to play with at home along with this adorable “love you more” sweatshirt.

You know I love my podcasts in the car. This week I listened to The Aftermath Part 2 as well as The Daily: We Need to Talk About COVID. They are required listening IMO.

I also decided that while we are replacing our floors and adding the built-ins that this is the perfect time to get our laundry room and closets properly organized! I reached out to Alexis with LITL Organization, and she is going to work her magic to help us maximize our laundry room. It’s definitely a multi-use room and needs a lot of storage solutions, so I am so excited to have the help of a professional. No guilt about asking for organization help when you need it!