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Life Lately: A Huge Parenting Lesson

February 25, 2022

How’s everyone been feeling lately? It’s almost strange to get back to what feels like this next phase of a new normal? Personally, I’ve been feeling like it’s time to recalibrate and change my thinking about some things like travel (are we booking Portugal for September?! Mayyyybe!), seeing friends, and trying to shake off the last few years.

This might sound silly, but I’ve been getting myself ready more often for the last few weeks. This means actually putting on MAKEUP. It’s crazy how just doing something so simple can lift your mood and make me feel more productive! I honestly think I’ve bee influenced by TikTok and seeing makeup tutorials there… I even tried a trend eyeshadow look (just a simple rosy bronze, but I never wear eyeshadow anymore, so it felt extra). The point for me here is to shake off the cobwebs sometimes and change it up a little! I never want to be someone who is stuck in their own ways of doing something the exact same way allll the time which tends to happen with age.

Lola has been quite the handful lately. She’s super full on and a little more moody than usual! I think it’s her age and the development that comes with it. She is definitely learning so many new words and ways to communicate with us which probably also means she gets frustrated easily since she has so much to say without having the ability to say it just yet. One night this week was particularly challenging and I’m still learning how to not let her mood effect mine, but to lead her confidently. As has been said, being a parent teaches you so much about yourself and pokes you in your soft spots – I totally get that now! She was being super needy, whiny and she’s even started lashing out a little more when she gets mad (normal, but hard to deal with). I let that frazzle me and I responded back to her in anger and frustration. It simply just made it worse. Something clicked, and I started playing with her, tickling, joking around, and it completely changed her mood! She was so much more settled after working out some of her ‘negative’ energy. She hung out and played by herself, read some books, and was just so much more mellow. It was such a huge lesson for me in how I can be a better parent and how when I feel like something is off with her, I can look at my own behaviour. Parenting is suuuuch a trip!


I love my new Bala weights I use for my Apple Fitness workouts!

Obsessed with this new eyeliner I use on my waterline – makes me look so bright and fresh

This might be my next Aerie purchase and I also want this t-shirt (I swear I have like 30 of their tops!)

I bought this faux Olive Tree which will be so great once we finish the renovation

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