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Life Lately: Social Media Slump + Renos

March 17, 2022

Anyone else been feeling the social media fatigue? From what I’ve heard from others (and am feeling myself), social has been feeling like a draining place to be. With the terrible world events happening, people breaking free after the few years we’ve had and traveling more, they are LIVING and less tethered, TikTok taking more eyeballs… Insta has been doing some wonky things and engagement on my account all clients is way down. For people who have built their following and livelihood as an influencer on the app, it’s VERY nerve racking. Truly, it’s another sign that you need to diversify and realize that it’s quicksand. I could go a LOT deeper into that on a business level, but for now, just know it’s NOT you… it’s the world.

We are in the middle of our reno prep… it starts Monday! I’ve been a little project manager, and man oh man, prepping for it has been A. LOT. We have to basically move everything out of all the common spaces to accomplish it and move in with my in-laws for at least a week. I am soooo excited about the changes we’re making which will also include a lot of organizing of our storage closets. A huge spring refresh! I anticipate that we will be fully complete first week of April… fingers crossed everything goes as smoothly as possible… I defo feel nervous about it as it’s the biggest project I’ve taken on and obvs is hugely personal.

I had a lot of questions asking us about our reno. I’m covering the whole process on Insta, and check out this highlight to see it all! Here’s a recap I shared from my newsletter a few weeks ago:

Bloom where you are planted and that’s what we are doing! The market in Vancouver is out of hand, so while this means the price of our own condo has appreciated big time, so has everything else we would consider and I’m NOT into overpaying for something I don’t love, so we won’t be moving anytime soon. We’re in the process making this condo exactly what we want so we can settle here a few years longer. I’ve said it before, but I actually do love condo living – it’s simplified, we are in a great area that allows us to avoid any commutes, have an outdoor pool Lola will live in all summer long, and I do love living with less “stuff”. I thought it might be fun to share the exact things we will be changing in our home starting mid-March!

  • Floors – changing them from laminate to a beautiful white oak engineered hardwood from Divine Flooring (everywhere except the bathrooms and bedrooms)
  • New baseboards in same areas
  • Custom living room built in – replacing our IKEA system with a fully custom built in with lighting… this is a big one for us (and the most costly aspect of this mini-reno) – it will impact the look and feel of the space so much
  • Custom entrance closet and bench built in – will match the living room one (it’s all one big open space anyway) and offer our shoe storage and more coat storage, plus a little bench, some hooks… working with this design firm and they have been great!
  • Fresh paint in all same areas 
  • New standing lamp and table lamp and side table in the living room
  • New side table
  • New occasional table by the front door (replaces the large unit where everything sits – so excited about this bc it’s such a catch all that looks so cluttered always)
  • New area rug


I’ve been wearing my croissant earrings a lot and LOVE (and when my sis comes to visit in May, we’re going to go and get second ear holes together!)

If you need a new pasta recipe in your life, this one is our fave

Prepping for summer, and got these visors – a mom and me matching moment

This is my fave shower exfoliating tool

I started on my organizing journey and Alexis of LITL Organization is helping me. She started with our spice/catch all cupboard (check out the transformation here). We used these jars and these labels!