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Life Lately: Inside my Wellness Coaching

April 14, 2022

I still feel like I’m recalibrating after my crazy few weeks of renovating and dealing with my mom’s move into a care home. It took it out of me, and I’m defo on team give yourself grace, so I’m not being too hard on myself, but am also making sure that I take care of myself. It’s taken me a little while to get back into the swing of a routine and continuing with some of the wellness practices I put into motion after the wellness retreat I attended in January. I’ve actually decided to do some wellness coaching with Catherine – she offers a Women’s Coaching Circle (registration is open for Sept) which is a mix of weekly group and one-on-one sessions to help me conquer some hurdles. My goals are to learn practices for consistency and abundance mindset. In our one-on-one today, I also pinpointed that I want to work on my reactivity. We’ve all had a really hard few years, and while coaching is new to me, I’m already seeing how freaking valuable it is! I’m spread SO thin and I need to think long game and how I can support myself. I really have loved investing in myself more and prioritizing myself. I’ve said it before, but it makes me a better wife, mom, sister, friend and business owner!

My one tip about coaching is to do it when you’re ready to put in the work. Something like this only works if you really have the capacity to commit to being involved in the teachings and are actively participating in what you learn. I know from experience coaching entrepreneurs in their business that I can’t do the work for them – if they are in a headspace to hear the advice and do the work, it’s golden, but it won’t move the needle otherwise. 

A few key nuggets I took away that might help you:

My issue: staying consistent with my health maintenance

Catherine’s nugget: our health outcome is 20% genes and 80% lifestyle choice. Many aspects of our lifestyle can determine what genes get turned “on”. How we deal with stress can very much effect our health.

My lightbulb moment: I’ve seen how my mom dealt with stress and how it’s potentially affected her in her older years… it’s a cautionary tale for me

My issue: not reacting negatively to Lola’s moods/tantrums

Catherine’s nugget: connect with Lola before I direct her

My lightbulb moment: I often will try to get Lola to do what I need her to by verbally directing and rushing her through and if she doesn’t, I lose patience . Getting down to her level and cajoling her first, explaining things slowly and kindly can help her get it done so we can move through the day

I really hope me laying these out help you in some small way. I want to remind you that you’re worth pouring into!


 We love the Lovevery Play Kits around here and they make a great gift, too

If you’re in Vancouver, this is your official invite to PURA Botanicals Masterclass happening Saturday, April 23. I’ll be there, and would love to see you! If you can’t make it, they will be popping up all weekend long, so maybe see you?

If you’re a mom, you know snot happens. This is something we just bought to help Lola when she’s sick!

Finally set up Lola’s Learning Tower, and it’s her new fave thing. Love getting her involved with what I’m doing in the kitchen!