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Life Lately: Girl Time + Facing Fears

April 28, 2022

When was the last time you did something that scared you? I’ve heard many times how important it is, yet, I’ve become such a creature of comfort. Something I realized this week is that pushing out of my comfort zone builds confidence for me! I did just that this week when I spoke to a large group on a Zoom call. I shy away from public speaking – it’s a hugely common fear, and I’ve turned down many opportunities with live TV and conferences because of it. Well, after doing it, and learning that I actually really enjoy it, I have felt such a wave of accomplishment. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve really challenged myself in this way and I highly recommend doing it! If you struggle with public speaking also, it helped me a lot to sit down the day of and write out what I wanted to say. I know this seems like common sense, but I noticed a huge difference in my level of stress after I sorted through my thoughts, put them somewhere safe, and also had them to reference for prompts as I was speaking.

It’s taken me awhile to get back to a sense of normal after the last few years… I needed to shake off the cobwebs a bit! Finally, I’m having some friends and family visit and this weekend, my bestie will be here after 3 years – I have all of our reservations sorted (facials at Fig, cocktails/dinner at West Oak, lunch at The Roof, brunch at Maxine’s, annnd prob foot massages, too! YES, I’m going all out and spoiling her!). It will be amazing. And then my sis will be here Monday for almost a WEEK! She’s leaving the kids at home, and she will be here for some sis time and work time. She has wanted Botox, so I booked her in at my spot, One Clinic,… a little sister sister Botox never hurt, right? ha. Both my sis and bestie said it – it’s time to lighten the eff up and have some FUN. I feel that in my bones.

Lola is almost two years old! HOW? I get it now… time really flies. I wanted to share her schedule on days with Roberto (Mon-Tues) on Insta but it was being so glitchy that it wouldn’t upload properly. I had a few DM’s asking, so let’s do it here! I love Mondays and Tuesdays, because I’m working from home and Roberto is with Lola, in and out all day, so I get to see them all day and get a few snuggles here and there.

Here is how it goes around here on Dad days:

7am – Roberto goes to the gym, I wake up to take 30 mins to myself to move my body, meditate, or even just check in with how I’m feeling (this is new for me and part of my wellness coaching… loving it so much)

7:30am – Lola is awake and I get her bfst

9am – Roberto is home, out of the shower, and takes Lola

9:30am – they leave the house to go to the park, run errands – if it’s raining they hit up the aquarium or community center for playtime)

12pm – they get home, I usually have lunch ready for Lola, she eats

1pm – nap for Lola (I usually put her down for this if I’m home bc I have the golden touch right now). Roberto will clean up, do laundry, and I force him to sit down and take a break

3:30pm – Lola wakes up, has a snack

4pm – they head out again for a walk

5:15pm – they come home, and I have dinner ready for her, we talk to family

6pm – if it’s bath night, Roberto will give her one

7pm – bedtime routine starts and I get her ready, read her books, then Roberto comes in with a bottle and puts her down


I’m trying to be prepared for the seasons with Lola, so ordered a wagon (you all recommended it!) that will help us haul all of our stuff (and her!) around to the beach and parks all summer

If you listen to one podcast this week, let it be this one. I learned so much and it’s enlightened me to make some real changes!