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My Fall Fashion Picks

August 23, 2022

Hello hello! It’s true… fall is on the horizon and can we be honest with each other? I’m soooo ready. I live for a rainy day, sorry not sorry! I’ve done my fall shopping and thought I’d share what I’ve updated my wardrobe with. If you have a kiddo, this might help also. I’ve learned what Lola actually wears and what I am constantly reaching for, so I do like to keep her wardrobe pretty basic with lots of sets and pieces that mix and match. Also, if you can believe it, some of her fall and winter items from last year still fit, so if you’re seeing gaps in my picks, that’s why. Shop your closet, amiright?!

  1. Circular Puffer Jacket
  2. Unisex Halloween-Print Long-Sleeve T-Shirt for Toddler
  3. Unisex Halloween Cozy Socks for Toddler & Baby
  4. Baby / Leather Sneakers
  5. Jersey-Knit Full-Length Leggings 2-Pack for Toddler
  6. Plain Rib Seamed Jogging Set
  7. Striped Knit Sweater
  8. Three-Pack of Plain T-Shirts
  9. Basic Sweatshirt
  10. Baby / Cotton Sneakers
  11. Printed Sweatshirt
  12. Puffer Coat

Here are things I’ve purchased for my closet this fall! Just like with Lola, it’s all about mixing and matching and re-wearing things from last year.

  1. Print T-Shirt
  2. Shacket
  3. Calf-Length T-Shirt Dress
  4. Hooded Puffer Vest
  5. Long Printed T-Shirt
  6. Diamond Mini Studs
  7. Beaded Huggie Hoops
  8. Chelsea Boots
  9. Browns Hawaii Platform
  10. Platform Chelsea-Style Boots
  11. Missing Person Eau de Parfum