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Taking a vacay so close to launch? Did I say… LAUNCH?! 

October 23, 2022

As I write this, I’m sitting on a plane back home from Palm Springs. Three years in the making, I decided it was time for my husband and I to get away, just the two of us. It was probably the worst time with me just DAYS away from launching my very first course with MILA – ICYMI, MILA is my marketing education brand for brands, business owners, marketers,‘influencers and creators who want to level TF up. I have two amazing partners who are talented and successful in their marketing realms. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, and finally, with two talented partners, it’s here. Well, almost.

But I digress.

I was able to take this break and roll out my course because I work for myself and that provides FLEXIBILITY. And while working for oneself has been glorified over the years, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who would trade it for a 9-5 chained to a desk. And hey, listen, if that’s your jam, I was there too once and maybe would have never left it without a kick in the butt (read: a layoff). Maybe you’re in a comfort zone but you want more.

Curious, but nervous? Consider this.

Starting your own business can start on TikTok and understanding how to create video content. Making money online is such a taboo, tacky sounding statement, but it really fits here. Working from home, juggling being parent, and having your own thing that makes money CAN happen and this is a huge reason MILA exists. 

Let me back up. Nothing can prepare you for being a working mom. It’s a LOT. Technically, all moms are working moms, but in my case, I work for myself providing marketing services to clients that want to launch, grow, or refresh their brands.

Over the 10 years in the biz, my strategies and execution have turned no-name brands into multimillion dollar, household name brands.

In my other job as a content creator and Influencer, I’ve made organic and paid IG and Tik Tok video content for multi-billion dollar brands like IKEA, Nespresso, L’Oreal and more. From concept, to filming, to editing… I’ve done each step of the process hundreds of times. These are brands who have trusted me to make content that converts an audience into customers. And yes, it works.

The best thing you can do for your brand (that term means a business, business owner, marketer, influencer, creator… or an aspiring any one of those things), is to stay up to date with marketing and learning how to do that from the pros.

We are in a modern marketing world where creators need to think like marketers, and marketers need to think like creators. That is why MILA is here!

Still reading?! Thank goodness. There is a point to this, I promise!

TikTok for Brands, our first MILA course, is launching on Monday, Oct 24th. INSERT HAPPY DANCE.

I can’t overstate how much time, energy and love has gone into this course so it’s FULL of the juice that will bring you TikTok success. All the secrets. The video filming and editing tutorials. Lessons on SEO. Bonuses like lists of video hooks, a content creation calendar and just way too much goodness for me to explain here. 

Building something of your own or upping your game and growing your brand has never been more competitive… being in the know about modern marketing like TikTok is ESSENTIAL. And, if you’re a marketer for a business, tap your boss on the shoulder and let them know that this is a course you need.

Be sure you sign up to our email list, as that is what will give you FIRST access to the course (annnnd when you sign up to get emails from us, you can take advantage of our freebie which will be delivered to your inbox the moment you sign up: Guide to Getting Started on TikTok: The Easy Way).So… I’ll chat with you Monday?! Thanks so much for all of your support. It really means so so much to me.

xo E

P.S: MILA is the first letter of all of our daughters names – it’s a special little ode to why we all do what we do.